Obligations of Membership

Adhere to the meeting rules of "COPS"


  • Confidentiality
  • Open Mind
  • Participate
  • Smile... i.e. have some fun.

Adhere to the Membership ethics of "HEAL"


  • Be Honest – your integrity
  • Be Engaged – you’ll be team focused
  • Be Accountable – you’ll do it
  • Be Leveraged – you’ll refer and be referable

Adhere to Membership Guidelines


  • Turn up on time.
  • Keep to meeting agenda.
  • Provide a least one lead per month of quality – preferably more than a transaction.
  • Be prepared for each meeting.
  • Complete the Target activities set for themselves.

Focus of Quality Referrals – obligation of members to one another

The TENX focus is to deliver value priced marketing leverage to SME and professional management personnel.
The key to this is Accountability to drive Leads of value to mutual TENX members – not to just providing ‘one off’ minor transactions.

The question will always be – is that Lead either a transaction or a referral? The example of this is as follows:-
  1. A referral of value to a mortgage broker is a client seeking advice for their employees on mortgages for staff retention benefits leading to multiple transactions / relationships that provides on-going fee income – not someone just wanting one off mortgage top up.
  2. A referral of value to florist is a business wanting regular orders for flowers, not someone wanting just a one off bunch of tulips.
  3. A referral of value to a local electrician is a business wanting on-going electrical maintenance of a contract of size, not for a one off plug installation.
  4. A referral of value to a shoe retailer is for a sports team to be kitted out for boots or a school wanting a package deal on foot wear, not someone wanting one pair of shoes.
  5. A referral of value to an engineering workshop is for a sizeable project referral or maintenance contract to local business, not for a minor one-off welding job.
  6. A referral of value to a Solicitor would be a growing business seeking risk management solution for contracts being provided, not a potential one off residential conveyance transaction.
  7.  A referral of value to a real estate agent is any potential listing or potential buyer of a residential / commercial property – simple.
  8. A referral of value to a vehicle workshop would be a fleet owner, not a one of WOF transaction.
  9. A referral of value to a painting firm would be a project requiring more than one room to be painted, not a one off touch up ceiling / wall job.
  10. A referral of value to a web designer is for a web site needing to be fully built / revamped and requiring on-going involvement to maintain the site or provide e-commerce input, not a one page web site / landing page.

Conversely it is the individual Members responsibility to educate all other Members on what they view as a referral of value.

So the challenge with every Lead (all valuable) is the assessment, is it a transaction or referral. Both will be accepted of course but the focus is on quality leads for longer term benefits for the TENX member, not just one off transactions.

Focus of Membership Referrals Quantified

Each member IS REQUIRED to advise at the outset what goal they have set themselves for the first 12 months so that TENX can then help them achieve this by the LEADS being sought.

Focus of your destination

Becoming a highly effective member of TENX is not achieved overnight. This is not a sprint but a journey, how fast you get to where you want to go is solely driven by how much energy you put into each step... so:-

"GO HARD at life"