The Edge Network X

Our focus is to deliver a valued priced marketing solution and training to Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) and professional management personnel.

The core of this focus is to offer accountability to local businesses in order to drive quality referrals to mutual members and also improve the skills of SME Business / Management personnel while being active as a member.

  • Value priced lead / referral generation forum.
  • Meetings are fortnightly at a 105 minute (max) luncheon.
  • Strong emphasis on referrals of quality rather than quantity.
  • Leadership that drives the accountability of its members to achieve their on-going set goals.
  • Training to improving member’s core general business skills with an in-house Business Coach.
  • Members are motivated to achieve their goals.
  • We work with the actual Member’s personal goals & aspirations... not just the business.
  • Membership is per person / category – not per business / category.
  • Membership category numbers are capped at 25 per Chapter.
No meetings are held during the month of January each year.

Focus on Principles for Effective Membership

Adopt the principles of “GO HARD at life” that acknowledges life is a challenge and where no-one promises you an easy ride.

Acknowledging this and pushing through barriers to attain your goals is key but only of value if you constantly act by accepting responsibility for your own destiny & self-fulfilment and by being held accountable to the outcomes.

So what comprises our principles of GO HARD at life and achieving your goals?